Why Content Matters …

It’s important for businesses to publish content frequently because buying patterns have changed. Traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and paid ads are not as effective as they once were. Conventional media does not garner buyer attention and trust as much anymore. Print newspapers, magazines, Network TV and radio are facing ever declining readership and viewership rates. Buyers don’t trust the media, they trust each other. Referrals and word of mouth are denouncing traditional media as predominant buying influences more and more. As a result, business owners need to produce helpful content directly to their base audience who will spread it to others. The transformation in buyer behaviour means that businesses will have to continuously create relevant content. Reading or viewing compelling content is crucial to the decision making process of your potential customers.

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Business owners have the edge more than ever before.

Traditional publications are not seen as the only authoritative source anymore. Consumers look for information wherever it’s available, online and offline, in order to make purchases. If you provide the information they need, consumers will buy goods and services from you. Create and develop a strong brand and thought leadership and you will succeed. Build your brand with effective content, not empty sales pitches. Use technology and suitable platforms to distribute your relevant and helpful content easier and quicker. You can attract and retain consumers additionally by:

  • determining your target audience
  • finding out what type of content they need and how they want to consume it
  • giving them the relevant content the way they would like to receive it
  • measuring how well the process is working and making adjustments as necessary

You have the edge more than ever before because you can create lasting relationships with your customers by doing the above.

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Be the content source that resolves your audience’s problems.

Use your content to become a trusted source by educating your audience about your industry. Provide solutions to their problems and show them best practices when they visit your website or place of business. The provision of compelling content will make buying from you simpler and faster. You’ll be efficient and effective.

Communicate directly with consumers on a regular basis and deliver genuine benefits in order to sell your products and services. Share your thoughts and passion about your industry and other things that might affect your customers. Attend to their interests in order to build trust and be seen as a thought leader. When you provide useful content to your consumer base it will gain traction and be amplified by word of mouth and referrals – the best type of advertising. Buyers seek out information regularly and want to be informed before they make a purchase. Your relevant and helpful content will favourably influence their purchasing decisions. Let the content on your website, social media channels, and offline marketing make it easy for customers to buy from you. Your helpful content and technological ability to reach your customers far and wide will transform your business and enable you to remain competitive.

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 Here’s a company that does content marketing right.

Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) content marketing initiatives are fantastic. Their online platform ‘P&G everyday’ features many brands without being overly promotional.

The company shares articles, coupons, how-to instructions, discussions, videos etc. from food to beauty and many things in between. They provide truly useful information on a regular basis.

Procter & Gamble has helped their brands from tide detergent to olay cleansing bars and many other products by providing great thought leadership. P&G has built their brands online with effective content, not empty sales pitches. They are giving their target audience what they want, in the way they want to consume it. Procter & Gamble’s use of technology and suitable platforms such as their website, social media channels, and offline marketing has enabled them to distribute relevant and helpful content well. Check out their site to see a great example of content marketing: https://www.pgeveryday.ca/tag/home-made-simple

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